Tours from a Biblical Framework

Maximo the Titanosaur
On the main floor of the Field Museum, you’re greeted by Maximo the Titanosaur.

Upstairs you’ll find this “living fossil” – the coelocanth.

Natural History Museum Tours from a Christian Perspective


Natural history museums feature exhibits from all around our beautiful world, and as their name implies, try to give a history of the various exhibits they display. The problem is the vast majority of these museums all present their exhibits and the findings of the scientists who create them in the light of secular theories: Big Bang Cosmology and Darwinian evolution. So you’ll get plenty of references to millions of years, and the amazing things purposeless, unguided nature can supposedly do, but no references to the creator, or the history of the world he has given us in his reliable word.


Tired of hearing the secular stories of supposed millions of years and just-so accidents that created everything? Take a different approach. Learn about fossils, dinosaurs, history of the earth, humans and more from a Biblical perspective. Take a SonLight guided tour!


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Images above:

  • Sue the famous T-Rex at the Chicago Field Museum.
    Could she fit on Noah’s ark? How did she die?
  • A Plesiosaur as displayed at the Milwaukee Public Museum.
    Is the Plesiosaur a dinosaur? Did they die out with the dinosaurs? What does the evidence show?
  • Astronaut Jim Lovell welcomes you to the Adler Planetarium
    What memorable movie was he depicted in?

Discover the answer to these questions and many more during your Sonlight Tour!
And yes, feel free to bring your questions about creation and evolution to the tour. Your guide has an extensive background in creation/evolution/big bang issues.

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