Terms and Conditions

Please note the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Tour fees are separate from Museum fees. You will still need to purchase museum tickets and pay parking fees if applicable.
  2. It is recommended you purchase museum tickets in advance to make sure you can get them for your requested time time.
  3. Tickets are refundable up to tour time. They are non-refundable after the tour begins.
  4. To allow people sufficient time to browse, museums typically stop allowing guests to enter an hour before closing time. To allow sufficient time for entrance and the tour, the latest a tour can be scheduled is an hour and a half before closing time.
  5. Tour appointments must be both requested and confirmed. Appointments that are not confirmed will not be honored.
  6. Listening devices (“whisper sets”) will be offered to enhance your tour experience. A deposit of an ID (Driver’s license, Credit card (not charged), student ID, etc.) will be held for the duration of the tour and will be returned when the listening device is returned. Listening devices that are not returned may result in a $40 replacement fee.
  7. Sonlight Tours are designed to bring out and highlight how to understand museum exhibits within a Biblical worldview. Museums surround factual data with secular (often false) stories. The intent of your tour is not provide scientific data  Рthat is provided by the museum. Rather your tour will show you how to understand the same data consistently within a Christian world view. Christians and secularists have the same data and evidence. What differs is how we interpret that data and evidence. Sonlight Tours will point out that difference.
  8. Special ticket pricing offers cannot be combined.