What to Expect During Your Tour

What happens when you arrive for your tour:

1. Your tour group will meet on the main floor at the designated spot for your museum which will be included in your appointment reservation.

Get Equipment
2. Your tour includes a wireless tour earphone so you can clearly hear the guide even from a distance. The wireless earphone requires a deposit of an ID, so arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled tour time so we can get everyone set and ready to go on time.

Take Tour
3. Your tour guide will take you through a number of permanent exhibits, pointing out how to understand the exhibit within a Christian/Biblical worldview. He will also provide Tour “Extras” – additional resources accessible by mobile device which includes various videos, photos and articles to further enhance your experience and explain in more detail what your tour guide is pointing out. You’ll be given a sheet to record the keywords that unlock these resources these on during the tour, or you can wait until after the tour when you’ll be given a list of all the  Extra resource keywords that were made available during the tour.

If Time Allows
4. Your tour will end at the designated time, so we’re prepared for the next group. Due to questions and the desire for browsing in certain areas, some exhibits may be skipped or shortened due to time constraints. On the other hand, if there is time left at the end and there is a desire to browse areas not normally covered by the tour, your guide will be happy to supply any available insights into those areas.

5. To enhance our future tours, you will be sent a brief questionnaire on how you enjoyed the tour.

Thanks for joining us for a SonLight Tour!