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The Milwaukee Public Museum

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Plesiosaur at the Milwaukee Public Museum

Greeted by a Plesiosaur

As you enter the Milwaukee Public Museum, you’re greeted by a massive plesiosaur fossil swimming overhead. Is there evidence that these giant sea creatures that lived in the age of dinosaurs also lived in the age of man? We’ll discuss during your tour.


Humans and Apes

Humans and Apes

At the top of the first stairway, you’ll see a representation of Neanderthals, Humans and apes. Are they suggesting one evolved from another? Are Neanderthals a “missing link”? What does DNA tell us today? We’ll discuss during your tour.


Dromaeosaur - A feathered Dinosaur?

Dromaeosaur – a feathered dinosaur?

The Milwaukee Public Museum includes many representations of Dromaeosaurs, along with the suggestion that they were a “feathered dinosaur.” Is it true that Dromaeosaurs were feathered dinosaurs? If you’ve read my Rational Faith article on feathered dinosaurs, you know my answer, but we’ll discuss during the tour for those who haven’t read it.



Behold the Mighty Mastodon

The text they include beside the Mastodon reads, “… The last mastodons died about 10,000 years ago. …” Is that true? We’ll discuss during the tour.

Archaeopteryx from the Milwaukee Public Museum

The Famous Archaeopteryx

The Milwaukee Public Museum has a beautiful display of the famous flying creature archaeopteryx. Archaeopteryx was made famous when evolutionists claimed it was a transitional form between reptiles and birds. But is it? And did the museum get it right? All this is covered during your tour of the Milwaukee Public Museum.

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