Lucy – upright hominid or ape?

Lucy – Australopithecus Afarensis¬† (southern ape from the Afar region) – is billed in science books and museums as in this display in Chicago’s Field Museum – as an upright, walking hominid. Secularists claim Lucy is an early departure from apes and has started down the path toward becoming human. As such, she is often depicted with human features: Eye whites (apes have brown eyes), human facial expressions (apes are incapable of such expressions), sometimes with very little hair, but always walking upright as in the sample from the Field Museum below.

Lucy - Field Museum specimen
Lucy – walking upright as typically depicted, here from the Chicago Field Museum exhibit.

But did Lucy actually walk upright? There is much evidence to suggest she didn’t. From the angle her neck entered her skull, to locking joints on her hands to allow knuckle walking (locks humans don’t have), a more accurate depiction of the way Lucy walked is found in the Answers in Genesis depiction at their Creation Museum:

Lucy - AIG - Creation Museum
Lucy – on all fours – as depicted in the Creation Museum.
Lucy - Creation Museum - bone detail
Lucy with bone detail showing she was designed to walk on all fours. (Creation Museum)

For more evidence that Lucy walked on all fours and was similar to a bonobo, see this video featuring Dan Biddle from Genesis Apologetics. Of particular interest: it is now believed that Lucy died from falling 40 feet out of a tree, breaking many bones. If Lucy was so much like humans, walking up right, etc. what was she doing 40 feet up in a tree?

Dan Biddle gives details on evidence that shows Lucy walked on all fours, including the fact she fell out of a tree to her death

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